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Latest News.

Project Monthly - March 2020. The last month, TheACA, have been working on updating Cleaner Carpets Bristol website and creating and publishing a newsletter to all his customers to promote the new website and the services provided. 

Project Monthly - February 2020. This month, The ACA, have been working in consultation with companies based oversees to help a business improve their presence and customer awareness. 

Project Monthly - January 2020.

Happy New Year. This month we are working with a company who want to improve their online presence and become more prominent on the World Wide Web to promote the business. 

We are also still working on opening our online shop in 2020 as planned.

Consultancy Monthly - December 2019. The ACA have been working with a local business this month and managing the development of their website brand and overseeing the project by working with their third party suppliers so they can focus on their core business, while ‘The ACA’ take care of the project management.

We are still in ongoing consultations regarding opening an online shop by end of this year.

Consultancy Monthly - November 2019.
This month has been primarily focusing on one specific companies branding and website updates. 

ACA are also still in negotiations with regards to commencing an online shop and as soon as it can be announced our dedicated ‘Shop’ page will be updated. 

ACA - Consultancy Pricing: October 2019.
With effect from October 2019, ACA, will be charging £100 per day consultancy. Refer to FAQs for further information. If you have any queries, please contact us

Project Consultancy and Customer Service Delivery Update: October 2019.  
The ACA is based in Bristol and specialises in providing project management and customer service improvement consultation for your small to medium sized business, for when you don’t have the resource, time or skill set in-house to achieve this for your business.

We have experience of working in both the public (Government) and private sector (including, IT, Law, Telecommunication, Banking, Document Management and Construction) for 20 years and can tailor support exactly to your business requirements.

Most recently, we have been involved with kickstarter organisations to assist them at the initiation stage of a project to outline a roadmap to manage the commencement of their product delivery. For more information about crowdfunding campaigns, view hyperstarter website.

ACA have helped businesses deliver both internal and external projects to meet their and that of the clients needs. 

We can also provide a review of your customer service delivery to help formulate a plan of action to improve and enhance the customer experience so you provide the best possible service to your customers. 

Assistance can be provided both remotely or visit on-site, as and when you require, so to ensure our support package is tailored. 

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Latest ACA Consultancy Update: September 2019.

ACA are currently in negotiations with new two partners (not yet announced) about providing an ACA Online Shop facility in 2019 and which will also be available via this website and More information will be made available once these discussions have been concluded contractually.

Latest Project Update: September 2019.
The ACA recently undertook a project to work with a small business, based in Bristol, to project manage the rollout of a new corporate brand and website by end of 2019.

This involved overseeing the rollout from inception to closure and working with other third party suppliers to meet the clients objectives. In conjunction with this.

It also incorporated reviewing the customer support teams service delivery and identifying how this needed to be more aligned to the changing company ethos. Comprehensive feedback was provided with a list of recommendations to be implemented to assist the company with achieving this. 

Other News: September 2019.

ACA have also registered domain to aid the communication with our clients. 

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